Introduction to Professional Academic Editing

Academic editing is about more than just commas and citations. 

It's about helping authors create powerful scholarship that shapes a better world—and we built a course to let you do just that.

Introduction to Professional Academic Editing is a self-paced course for those who want to learn concrete skills, navigate professional networks, and put their scholarly training to work building an academic editing career. Focused on the humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplines, this course teaches you how to help academic authors write and publish fantastic work.

Whether you’re an academic wanting to transition to an editorial career, a freelance editor seeking more academic clients, or an in-house press editor keeping your skills sharp, this course can help you ensure your clients’ work shines.

With Introduction to Professional Academic Editing you can

  • Confidently edit scholarly books and articles
  • Build lasting relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Start crafting your career as an academic editor

Course Content

Resources: Links, Books, and Associations

What's included?

20 Videos
4 Texts
42 PDFs
Cathy Hannabach and Sarah Grey
Cathy Hannabach and Sarah Grey

About the instructors

Cathy Hannabach, PhD, is the founder and president of Ideas on Fire, and Sarah Grey is the founder and president of Grey Editing.

We created this course because we noticed a serious lack of training options for folks wanting careers in academic editing—a field that requires both professional editing training and an extensive understanding of academic publishing and knowledge production.

As professional academic editors ourselves, we have edited hundreds of books, journal articles, chapters, and digital projects in fields like gender and sexuality studies, disability studies, anthropology, film, cultural studies, political science, and communication.

We’ve distilled our combined 25 years of professional academic editing experience and expertise into this course to help you build your thriving academic editing career and get more great scholarship into the world.

Training for an academic editing career? Want to add more academic clients to your existing editing portfolio?

Join us for Introduction to Professional Academic Editing to learn how.

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